Here Are 4 Reasons to Play Baccarat vs. Other Card Games

Gamblers don’t just go to the casinos for entertainment and fun but also for profits. For that matter, they select baccarat, one of the oldest card games in Thailand and Macau casinos, and they do so for reasons.

Baccarat is based not only on luck but also on strategy, a winning combo that does not take much time to learn and put into practice. But apart from that, let’s take a look at the distinct reasons to choose it the next time you log into your online casino account.

Why Wise Players Play Baccarat

  1. Outcomes aren’t predictable (no mathematical calculation or algorithm involved)

According to BACDOCTOR, the outcome of a game isn’t influenced by other players or by the dealer. You bet on the banker hand, player hand or tie, and then wait for the outcome. (Is luck on your side?)

  1. Rules are fixed and simple

As compared to blackjack in which mechanics are a bit complicated and types of bets are vast, baccarat’s rules are simple and bet types are few. With that said, even beginners regardless of their skill and bankroll can play this newbie-friendly game.

And with baccarat, you never have to master any complicated rules and strategies to lower the house edge and win—something that you should if you’d play video poker and blackjack. (Succeed Now)

  1. Players can bet with the lowest table minimum

Low rollers or high rollers, everyone’s welcome! Bet spread can be between $1 and $1000 (lowest to highest), depending on where you’re playing. Bet as little or as big, there’s no stopping you!

This betting spread isn’t common on a blackjack table, although you can find it in some casinos. But you’re not advised to make bet spread beyond one and three. Otherwise, the dealer and other players might think you are a ‘card counter.’

  1. Higher number of decisions per hour?

As compared with other online casino games, the number of decisions in an hour in baccarat is higher because one can be made within 45 seconds to a minute, allowing you to take control of your decision and place small bets.  And when you need more time, you can simply ask the dealer to slow down (land-based casino).

There you have the distinct reasons to consider playing baccarat (and make it the game of choice) in an online casino. Simple rules, uninfluenced outcomes, lowest possible bets and higher number of decisions per hour—what’s left to ask for? Play baccarat today!