Little-Known Tell Tale Signs of a Bad Online Casino

Being new to online gambling, you could easily be overwhelmed with the plenty of selection when searching for the best casino online casino to join.

And you are not to blame. Most beginners struggle in finding the right venue for their gambling needs.

The very first thing to learn about when deciding for a casino on the web is to detect the warning signs that will help you stay away from bad online casinos.

In this article, we’ll show you some RED FLAGS to avoid when looking for a web casino. If you’re ready, come on in and let’s take a look at the signs to watch out for now.

Signs That You’d Be in a Bad Company

Just a Google search and you will be shown with a myriad of results of online casinos. Remember that being on top of the search results isn’t enough a factor to decide in joining that specific online gambling site.  So for an objective research, check out the following to help you determine a BAD ONLINE CASINO.

Flagged as SCAM gambling websites

When looking for a casino to join, you may want to add the word “SCAM” or “FRAUD” or “ROGUE” in the search phrase “casino online.”

Surely, several gambling sites will come up in the search results. Here, you will find those online casinos that are flagged as bad casinos, giving you a quick idea on which websites to avoid when deciding to sign up with one.

Even if you’d find positive attributes or offers, including huge bonuses, a wide range of games and instant rewards—don’t be fooled!  Avoid online casinos, which are reported as SCAM by online players and authorities.

Copied and pasted terms and conditions, privacy policy and about us, among other important pages

This should give you another idea that the gambling site is to stay away from!  If they couldn’t even put up an original and tailored terms and conditions and other important pages, then they’re not legitimate casinos.

A decent one should be able to create their terms of use and privacy statement. They will not just copy and paste another online casino’s rules, let’s say.

Check on these important pages and have a feel of the casino’s professionalism by reading their Terms of Use, for example. Plus, check on the grammar and spelling.

Rogue casinos do not even know how to correct or edit what they copied and pasted—BEWARE!

Not licensed

When searching for casinos, one of the very first things to look into is their registration and license in their country of operation. If they couldn’t even afford to disclose such important information on their site, then you should be able to detect that such casino is an illegal operator. Avoid them like a plague!

Or else, you would be into so much trouble when withdrawing your winnings or your balance should you decide to close your account with them.

Remember that the casino industry is a regulated industry in most countries. Thus, you should find out if such casino is recognized and licensed in their territory of operation. If not, it is 100% clear that they are rogue casinos to stay away from.

Games aren’t from and by reputable casino software developers.

For security, players must be aware of the people behind the casino games offered by a specific gambling website.  If you’d be able to research on this matter, names like Microgaming and PlayTech would be on top of results regarding well-known and reputable casino game developers.

They have been in the business for years, their software are proven to be safe and secured— and such games do not have a virus to infect a user’s computer system. Without even saying then, a clear sign to give you an idea of casinos online to keep yourself away from are those in which games are not developed and licensed by reputable gaming software developers.

And remember, credible and robust software developers do not also license their games to ROGUE casinos.  They won’t taint their reputation for the simple reason that they are established in this field.

So when looking for a web casino to join, choose the one in which the games are only from reputable software developers—which will not risk their names with illegal casino operators.

By now, you probably know the clear signs that will help you determine a bad online casino.  For your safety, join only a reputable casino online by doing your homework and avoiding casinos with those warning signs mentioned above.

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