Beginner Tip: How Not to Lose Your Shirt at the Casinos

Your first walk inside a casino won’t be the last.

But that’s impossible to achieve if you’d have a traumatic experience.

You know… Losing everything (your favorite LeBron shirt and oops… did we mention that graduation ring from your father?).

A common problem with newbie casino players, penny slot players included, is that they don’t anticipate (and bear in mind) that slot games, let’s say, are a game of chance—and that a result is determined by a random event (e.g. a random number generator).

Same thing with the spin of roulette, the turn of a card or the roll of a dice—you don’t have any control over any of these. Thus, you either win or loss.

While you can influence your winning chances, in a way or two, still the results are unpredictable.

So, what’s the point here? Set your mind to ‘lose.’


Gambling is based on chance. Consider your spending as ‘cost of entertainment.’

If you do, you’d not feel disappointed to the point of calling all the saints or even losing your sanity if you lose.

So the logic here is not to spend all your money in one session.

And if you’ve just started with casino games, play it slow, familiarize yourself with the rules and have a strategy. Finally, set a budget and enjoy (and go home with a shirt—this is important).