3 Startling Roulette Facts You Should Know

The iconic roulette will never be called the queen of all casino games for no reason.  It is beginner friendly and you don’t need to learn as much as you would like with poker. It also offers high winning chances for both first timers and professional gamblers. But before dashing off and spinning your luck, check out the following little known facts about it to know now.

3 Awesome Roulette Facts

  1.      Players can win big if they have an eye for imbalanced wheels

You can win big in a poorly balanced wheel. A poorly seated wheel forces the ball to land on a specific spot more often than it would on other spots.  So before placing a bet, have an eye on wheel imbalances and go home a millionaire.

  1.      Is the number of the beast real on the wheel?

Stories have been told about the “Devil’s wheel.” Why? If you would count the numbers on the wheel, they will add up to the beast’s number, which is 666, as well as because the game has its tendency to send irresponsible gamblers to hell for losing all their money.

  1.      The game’s the winner in European casinos!

Because the game’s been played in Paris, France and in other parts of Europe since the 1700s, roulette has been the most popular game at the casinos.

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