The Traits That Built King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Today’s post, we’ll pay a tribute to the most loved Thai monarch, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej that has touched the lives of the millions with his faith, love of people and country and leadership. So for the benefit of those who want to know about his characteristics further, here’s a reference for you.


Briefly, the King was known as a serious, intense, shy, earnest and frugal individual.  During his reign as a monarch, the people rarely saw him smile, but serious. The reason is that he was a concerned and hardworking father for his people.

Perhaps, it was the responsibility on his shoulders.

At one point, he told William Stevenson, his biographer, that he is not a god of gods, but a human being, mentioning that he does not want to be on pedestal. [His humble personality made him one of the most loved kings of the country.]


And in terms of dedication, Thai people have known HM for his tireless effort and work. No wonder, as he came to power at the young age of 18.

He’s the reconstruction king: There was a time when he told the people that he did not come to demolish, but reconstruct.

The reason was that no one had taken care of things—holes in the carpets and chairs, creaked on the floors and a crumbling palace after the war.


The master chef of the Royal palace, Khunying Prasansuk Tantivejkul, revealed that HM wanted his dishes simple (*Interview for the book “Khruang Ton Khon Khrua – Khrua Chitralada”).

He added that the King wanted boiled rice served with egg and salted Chinese radish, seasoned dried shrimp or egg omelet (breakfast), and chu chi, phat phet or tom yam, to name a few, for dinner.


Because the King was a practicing Buddhist, he regularly meditated, one of the secrets of his tranquil [or peaceful outlook in life]. His meditation partners revealed that the good King treated himself like anyone else.[He had the Buddhist perspective of ‘non-self.’]

In his 60s, he used to wake up at noon and eat his lunch in the middle of the day, and then have dinner late at night.  He used to go to bed after sunrise.

If there’s one thing that makes him a great king is his selfless love for the people and his country. He lived by example, practiced humility and never did he make someone feels that He Is King.

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