What You Don’t Know about King Bhumibol Adulyadej Might Surprise You

King Bhumibol Adulyadej is often referred the “Development King” or the “People’s King” for his people loved him so much. He has shown them what real leadership was all about.  But if you want to learn interesting facts about him, you may want to refer to the post below that will give you some of them.

Fought illegal narcotics

The king believed that illegal narcotics are a reason for the rising number of crimes in the country. To fight illegal drugs, the king made an effort to create special courts, which would be mainly responsible in handling drug related cases, and then in 2003, a law that would punish officials that fail at meeting the quota in apprehending drug traffickers.

Wealthiest royalty

He and the Royal Family’s wealth is managed by the Crown Property Bureau that is tasked to mitigate their fund, but the King’s properties and money are not in any way a part of the government’s total wealth.

Upheld democracy

There were numerous coups that happened. The people who participated exercised their rights when they feel that a prime minister isn’t serving to standards. But due to the King’s effort of keeping the democracy alive in the country, he gained the respect and support of his fellow Thais, making him one of the most loved leaders who served Thailand.

Led the army

He’s not only the longest-serving royalty in history, but also the head of the armed forces. He served as the country’s commander-in-chief of the armed forces, which is under the Ministry of Defense. He had always uplifted and ensured the safety and interest of his fellow citizens versus external interests.

Longest in service as king

He set the world record for being the longest reigning monarch before his demise—recording a total of 70 years and 126 days in service. He was able to keep the monarchial rule for Thailand, making him the most respected, too.

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